Gary Warren

So here’s the deal.. I used to have a bunch of “strategic words” here but it sounded like I was trying to impress some girl to take to prom. The real deal is I started off my career poor as a skunk and alternated working a semester at NASA as an intern and going to school to get my engineering degree. I’ve lived in 3 trailers and owned 3 Chevettes before the age of 25. I finally moved out of the trailer park and bought a real car and worked at NASA 14 years. Almost ended up back in a trailer after I started a company with a team of people. We built a very successful company. I ended up selling it to a big public company and worked there overseeing a lot of different good and bad things. I’ve now been CEO several times, worked for the government, managed venture-backed and public companies, had lots of success and some failure.

And now as I look back I realize I’ve been fortunate to always be involved in industries as they go through their high-growth stage. In the 80’s and early 90’s, I was involved with leading edge work in aircraft and computer simulations (remember Cray?). I worked on the Internet at the beginning of the www (I worked in that program Al Gore invented). I worked in Internet security when there were less than 1000 virus definitions. I worked in mobile trying to convince companies that E-Trade could turn a Blackberry into a trading terminal. I told airlines they could have customers check in via a mobile app. Then a venture capital dude said “There is no future in putting applications on smart phones.”

Now I’m working with a gifted group of people in the medical field on a series of products that fill a huge unmet need. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and get to work and the company is infectious (no pun intended). This is how life should be. And I may end up back in a trailer someday but I’ll advance an area of medicine. .

There… No prom date for me.

Specialties: Medical devices, wireless, Internet security, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning.