Benefits Of Membership

  • Access to unique investment opportunities with potential for risk-adjusted financial return on investment capital and time commited
  • Direct participation in the revitalization of the economy
  • Efficient 757 Angels infrastructure to preliminarily evaluate deals
  • Access to Members-Only Online Website to monitor deal flow
  • Access to unique network of members and advisors
  • Pooling of capital to enhance funding size
  • Access to syndication network of Angel Investors through Online Platform and Angel Capital Association affiliation
  • Investment decisions are made by individual 757 Angel Members
  • Member Meetings with Networking Opportunities
  • Full Membership in the Angel Capital Association
    • Education & Networking – Summits, Regional Webinars & Workshops
    • Latest News – Blog on all Angel Events

Membership Information

Membership in 757 Angels is extended to individuals who share our vision and will actively contribute to our process. Each member or member’s representative is required to:

  • Complete and return the 757 Angels, Inc. Membership Application Packet.
  • Be involved in 757 Angels activities, including attendance at dinner meetings, mentoring entrepreneurs and serving on 757 Angels committees

    2018 Membership Meetings
    November 7th
    2019 Member Meetings
    March 13th May 15th November 6th
  • An expectation to make investments in companies presented at the meetings totaling a minimum of $10,000 over a rolling three year period. The membership fee is not included in this total. However, no Member or representative of a Member will ever be required to invest in an opportunity unless they so elect.
  • Payment of Membership Dues
    • Founders – Committing Personally or through Business Entities. Entities with more than 25 employees must be Founders and commit to pay dues of $5,000 each year for 3 years.
    • Contributing Members – Committing Personally or through Business Entities. Entities with 25 or fewer employees may be Contributing Members and commit to pay dues of $2,500 each year for 3 years.
    • Supporting Members – Individual only memberships. Supporting Members commit to pay dues of $1,500 each year.

Click here to download the 757 Angels, Inc. Membership Application Packet

Click here to view and download the 757 Angels Summary Memorandum

Please send executed Membership Application Packet with check payable to 757 Angels, Inc. to:

Monique Adams

757 Angels
3704 Pacific Ave. Suite 200
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Monitor Deal Flow

Members can monitor deal flow by logging into Gust.

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